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Biatain Ag 

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Biatain Ag kills bacteria faster. Simple as that

An exuding wound is a major challenge. The challenge is even greater if your wound gets infected with bacteria. An infected wound can be painful, slowing down – or even putting a stop to your physical activity. An infected wound may also have an unpleasant odour, making you less likely to want to socialise

Consequences of wound infection:

To help fight local wound infection, we have added an active antimicrobial ingredient to our Biatain dressings. In addition to the advantages of the soft and flexible foam, Biatain Ag dressings are prepared with hydro-activated silver, which is released into the wound during wear. This small innovation has shown excellent results: infection in and around the wound is reduced by 50 per cent within four weeks, and the odour fades or completely disappears in just one week.

Biatain Ag is suitable for the treatment of:

  • leg ulcers
  • pressure ulcers
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • smaller second-degree burns
  • donor sites
  • postoperative wounds
  • skin abrasions

Biatain Ag gives you effective protection against bacteria and provides the best wound bed conditions for healing – a safe and cost-effective choice for acute and chronic wounds.

Biatain Ag   Item no.
 Non-adhesive Foam Dressings with silver
  10x10 9622
10x20 9623
16x15  9625
20x20 9626
5x7  5105
5x8 cavity 9628

Biatain Ag Item no.
Adhesive Foam Dressings with silver
12,5x12,5 9632
15x15 3664
18x18 9635
7,5x7,5 9631

Biatain Ag Item no.
Adhesive Foam Dressings with silver/shapes
Sacral 23x23 9641
Heel 19x20 9643

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